Three Good Reasons To Save Some Money While Choosing Wall Stickers Over Paint

When renovating your home, you better get ready to spend a lot of money in the process. Even if you are just trying to brighten up the walls a little, you still have to pay a lot for the labor and materials. Paints or wallpaper can cost a fortune, especially if you opt for a radical change. But then, the modern homeowner is more educated than ever these days. People no longer paint their walls white, like in the ’70s. Today, they are open to new and innovative ideas that are not just cost efficient, but also very attractive. Just open a few interior design magazines and you will be surprised by how good looking these decals can get. Of course, it is also a matter of personal tastes. If you fail to choose the right stickers for your room, chances are you will not even get close to those designs you see in magazines.

Originality is the key

Wall stickers have more benefits, but originality is one of them. People are original without even realizing it though. Practically, there is a good chance for two random individuals to buy the same wall stickers from onceuponawall. If you recommend this website to a few friends and they recommend it further, it is not hard to realize that you might spot the same designs in your friends’ homes. However, different people have different needs. They have different wall colors, carpets, furniture, arrangements or home shapes. Perhaps you install a particular sticker in the living room, while your friend will apply it in the entryway or their personal office. With these ideas in mind, you are less likely to find the same design around, not to mention about the possibility to customize some wall stickers according to your personal needs.

Easy to install and remove

There are more types of wall decorations and just as many application methods. Some methods can be extremely tricky, especially since you might need some experience too. For example, paint tends to become inconsistent if you are not attentive. As for wallpaper, it wrinkles extremely easily, especially if you do not use the right substances. None of these problems exists with a wall sticker. You only need some measuring tape, a pencil and a level. You can even download smartphone applications that work like levels. Other than that, you might need your driving license or a credit card too, only to clear the air bubbles under the sticker. Removing stickers is obviously even easier.

Maintenance is no problem

Unlike a picture frame or wallpaper, wall murals do not catch dust. Besides, wallpaper is very likely to get stained too. You cannot really remove a stain from paper, so the damage is usually permanent. On a side note, wall stickers are usually made of quality vinyl. You can just clear them with a damp cloth. Mild cleaning solutions can be used to, yet there are no reasons to. Things like these make wall stickers a very durable solution.