Wolf moon rising

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Wolf moon rising – Betsoft

If you’ve ever wanted to play a video slot that offers big wins, then you’ll love Wolf Moon Rising. This Betsoft slot boasts a big win potential of up to 20000x and a lucrative bonus game that doubles all wins. The game’s classic Betsoft slots gameplay and big win capability will make it a winner, and the slot is also highly enjoyable to play on mobile devices. There are also some extras to help make the game a winner, including wild elements and instant win symbols.

Wolf Moon Rising is a Native American-themed slot game that focuses on the wolf as its main character. Despite being set in the wild, the game still maintains a traditional Native American feel, with the Northern Lights shining above the reels. Moreover, the slot’s purple stone reels are carved with native patterns. Symbols include regular card playing symbols, a wild cat, buffalo, and an eagle.

The full moon in January has several names, including “Wolf Moon,” which was coined by astronomers in 1871. The full moon is called Shakambhari Purnima in Hinduism. This lunar event is celebrated for eight days, and many Hindus take this opportunity to bathe in holy water. Interestingly, wolves were named after a wolf’s howl, not the moon itself.