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If you love the colorful graphics and sound of a casino game with a good dose of humor, then you're going to love 7Up! this fun online casino game from Microgaming is set to give you everything you need for a great casino experience right on your home computer. You can play this free online slot game with up to two friends at any one time and take on the virtual roulette wheel to decide who gets the most money when the wheel comes out. The graphics in this game are very similar to other well-known online slot games such as Slots or Blackjack. However, what makes this free online casino game stand out is that it has added features not seen in other slots such as bonus rounds and multi-player games.

While most of your bets will come off the reels, it's the big bonus round that you'll be trying your luck on. This feature is where you'll get multipliers on up to seven different casino slot machines. This can add up fast and it's important to remember that these multipliers can only be earned on a reel that has a new jackpot. With so many people playing in the same slot machine, you can easily rack up the points necessary to cash in the extra-jackpot. Graphics designed to be a little bit of a vintage slot, 7Up! Sound and graphics designed to really capture the feel of a live casino slot machine are combining into this fun game to make it a real thrill.

The best part about this fun game is that it's free to play! There are no time limits or other requirements needed to play the game so you can play it whenever you want. In addition, the graphics and sound are designed to really bring this game to life, as you'll definitely notice the use of retro graphics and vintage sound when you play the game. If you like games with bonuses then this game definitely fits the bill. It's fun, easy to play and provides instant satisfaction when you win!