Book of oz

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Book of Oz is an interactive microgaming slot where the aim is to collect all the cards that can be collected by the wicked witch Glinda, the Lion, the Scarecrow and the Tin Man and bring them all to Oz, her kingdom. The game is designed to be simple and fun, but challenging at the same time. The five-reel slot has three rows to place your bets in, and there are generally 10 different paylines to play on. Players can either bet on all of them or spin all of the reels without using a single payline to win. When you get all the cards in Oz, the witch will sprinkle them all over the slots, and whoever gets the most at the end wins.

In the online version of Book of Oz, a number of changes have been made to the traditional game, which help to make it more fun and popular. For example, the free spins bonus was added so that more people get the chance to collect all the cards, and if everybody used the free spin feature then the game would not be as difficult. The spin option works the same as it does in the land based casinos. The minimum and maximum bets have also been changed to work in alignment with the features of the game and ensure fair play, and this now means that it is easier than ever to play this highly addictive casino game.

There are also a number of exciting features such as the ability to swap between the five different images, and the Oz-shaped icon that appears on the screen when a player makes a bet. In the online version, all of these options are available, and a number of bugs have been fixed, making the game more reliable. The Book of Oz slot can be played today for free, and with a free spins bonus feature that offers players double their initial deposits. You can find out more about this slot game at Gamblingcom.