Cosmic cat

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Cosmic Cat is a new casino game that claims to be lots of fun, but just like any other new game that gets a lot of buzz, claims and implementation are definitely two very different things. Factoring in the impressive track record of Microgaming Inc, will this new game ultimately prove to be another big fan favorite? The simple answer is “it probably will”. The reason that I have this confidence is because of what I saw when I was playing around with the concept and mechanics of the game. If you’re anything like I was at first, you will have to admit that when a new concept like this comes out that pretty much guarantees a lot of hype and a lot of eager fans and players to go buy the product, the overwhelming feeling that I had was “how does this game work?”

With that being said, one of the features that I found really neat was that they had integrated a very “easy to learn” basic system mechanic for this new classic slot machine that relies on 3 reels instead of the traditional two. Playing Cosmic Cat with the traditional two reels version can get pretty boring after a while, but with the “easy to learn” three reels it actually makes the game more fun to play in my opinion. Also, when you win a jackpot prize in this game – the amount that you win is doubled! I think that it’s a nice design on their part because while they do offer double the jackpot prize in other games, they don’t do it in this one!

This new casino slot game from Microgaming Inc does a great job of combining the old concepts that we all know and love with some fresh, original ideas to make it a fun game. They succeeded in combining a classic concept with the “wow” factor of a slot machine that doesn’t just look “old” but plays “cool”. If you want to save your time by playing slot machines and want to have a good time at the same time, then check out this one. It’s fun and it’s worth a try.