Hot spin

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The Hot Spin mobile game has just become available on Google Play and Apple's app store! Be ready to spinning, because it's a real high-speed adrenaline rush! Set yourself markers, be ready to roll, get set, spin! Hit those numbers, watch your tickets spin into the cups, be ready for a wild and crazy spin at the end of your next spin. With its simple and easy to learn gameplay, Hot Spin is one of the hottest new casino games on the app store.

With its version availability on the app store and the ability to turn your iPhone, iPod, or Android into a portable version of Hot Spin, the only thing you need to do is download the free version from the App Store. If you've never played hot wheel games before, you will be amazed by how realistic and addictive they are. The graphics are very nice, the sounds are crisp, and once you've mastered the various techniques of hot spinning, there is no looking back. Once you've mastered Hot Spinning, you may want to try the bonus wheel, and while you still may not use all of the icons, which give you extra spins, they can add a great deal of excitement to any game. With many variations on the classic slots, like the wheel, jockey changes, and paytable changes, Hot Spin has something for everyone.

While you can download the free version to play the Hot Spin slot machine, which offers two unique modes of play, one for the iPhone and one for the Android, the real fun is in the real-money game. If you like playing online slot machines with bonuses, Hot Spin is for you. If you've never played hot wheel games before, you're in for a real treat. If you've played slots before but felt let down by the lack of graphics, don't let that stop you! Just use your imagination to think about what it would be like to spin the Hot Spins and you'll soon be spinning those wheels and making money.