Lava loot

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Lava loot is a casino game that can be played on your computer. This is a free trial version of online game. Most of all online casinos offer free demo version of their exciting games for the players to try it out.

Lava loot is an old arcade style game in which you have to kill all the zombies and save the princess by destroying all the objects in your path while avoiding the nasty effects of lava. You have to go through ten levels of zombies to reach the final level of the game and if you fail to destroy all the targets, you will not be able to move towards the next level. It is really exciting and very entertaining way to spend few hours with your family and/or friends.

If you are fond of playing slots then Lava loot is the best option for you to enjoy more. It is a simple slot game in which you need to select a dinosaur which is available on the slots machines and place a single bet and in a jiffy you can earn bonus money. This bonus money can help you in making more money. In this slot machine game, you will also find some nice graphical effects and sounds. For this reason, many people visit the internet every day just to play this exciting slot machine game.